Monday, 29 August 2005

Another Video

Hey - thought I'd post a little video coverage from the boat trip on Saturday. Enjoy!!!

Click HERE


Well, another action packed week in the house of Kingsley-Smith - we spent Saturday out on a friend from churches boat. When i say boat, it was actually a 45 foot power boat; we went out to a small island called Rukino which is about 15kms off the coast of Auckland. Considering it is the middle of winter the weather was just incredible. I made it into the sea for a swim, and it wasn't that bad at all, although i did have a shortie on. The boat had some canoes also so we spent some time exploring the beautiful coastline and enjoyd lapping up the winter sun.

This week we are preparing ourselves for our next big move - we're going to be moving to the city centre which will be so good as I'll be able to walk to church. This will save us considerable amounts of both time and money. Although we're excited about the move, we feel fairly unsettled at the moment. I think It will be good to really get comfortable there and settle in for the next year or so - it is really very nice.

On saturday I will be heading off to the Eden Park Stadium in Auckland with a freind Jeremy to watch the All Blacks play against Australia - after a narrow victory against the springboks on Saturday night, It's looking like it will be a scorcher of a match; Plus the All Blacks have got a new Haka which I'm pretty excited about seeing live. This will be the 1st time I've seen the All Blacks live, and am sure it will be a fantastic evening.

Laura starts her new job next Monday. She will be looking after 2 girls, Holly and Stella; She is excited, but again big change commands a lot of energy and we're both feeling a little under pressure right now.

So for your amusement I've posted a new set of photo's for you; click here to go to the photo section

Thursday, 25 August 2005

New House

Well, here is hot off the press news of the day. We are moving!! This time just across the city to a more central location - we will be moving to a part of Auckland called Grafton. We'll be living on the same road that church is on, but about 15 minutes walk away.

It's a new build block, and we are going to be on the 4th floor in a very nice little 2 bedroom apartment. It was literally completed last week so has all mod cons. We have an impared view of the sky tower and a lovely courtyard. We'll put up some pictures in the following weeks.

It's late over here right now, so I'll be off to bed. Love to you all

Sunday, 21 August 2005

A New Home?

Sorry its been a while since our last entry, life has kept us busy and things are all changing on this side of the pond. I (Laura) have been working hard as a nanny and loving it! and therefore have been looking for a permanent nannying job which i have now found.

I begin looking after Stella (2 years) and Holly (3 weeks) in just a couple of weeks in Mt Roskill. I will be sad to say goodbye to the twins, but i really believe God's hand is in this new job. Because of the location of the new job it is no longer possible to stay in our flat in Mission Bay as both of us would be travelling to the city centre (up to a hours drive in rush hour for me to get to work). For the past couple of weeks we have been keeping our eyes and ears to the groud for new places to live in central Auckland.

Apart from the new job and possible move our live is full of chilling out with friends, enjoying the winter sun, and walking along the beach-not a bad life eh?! No really, we are both working as hard as we're playing! Thanks again for all your e-mails, we love recieving them. XXX

Sunday, 7 August 2005


Hi everyone, Well firstly i would like to congratulate all of my fellow student friends on our graduation which took place just over a week ago. Today i recieved some photos from Anneliese and felt very proud of us all, but also very sad that i couldn't be their to celebrate with you having completed all of that hard work-you all look amazing.

Things here are as exciting as always! My tempory job as a nanny for 2 1/2 year old twins ends in 3 weeks as they are going to nursery and i actually feel quite sad, i'm very fond of them already but know that another job will turn up very soon-in fact i have an interview tomorrow night for another job so watch this space...

Our friends Rich and Kath arrived on Saturday morning which involved a 5am start-something we'll have to get used to i'm sure with the amount of visitors that have promised to come and see us. With the excitment of Rich and Kath arriving we also had to say a sad goodbye to Katie who has been working at the church for quite a while and organised our arrival and made us feel very welcome; shs is moving back to Nelson to be near her family-an emotional weekend!

Other news includes a possible move for us again-not another move accross the world but just to the other side of town this time- to Mount Eden. Our friend Jeremy and Emily live in a block of 12 flats there and it just so happens that one has come free in the past week. The flat is very basic and needs alot of work, but living there would mean we could save over $100 a week; money we could really do with having! We would really apprieciate your prayers that we would be wise in our decision to move and how we spend our money.

Please keep sending the e-mails to me-i'm sorry that i haven't had a chance to reply to all of them but its really great to hear whats going on at home.

Laura xxx

Monday, 1 August 2005

This will make you laugh

I found this song couple of weeks ago and it made me laugh so much i thought i should share it with you all also...