Sunday, 26 February 2006

Off on Holiday!

Just to let you all know that we are off on holiday with mum and dad today. We are not exactly sure where we are going but it should be lots of fun and we will no doubt have lots of photos of this gorgeous country when we return.

Talking of photos, those who know my mum and dad, they have posted their photos of their recent trip on this site in our photo section so please take a look! We have also recently added a few of our own pictures, as well as made some needed improvements to the site.

Right, off on our holiday now. Speak to you all when we return at the end of the week xxx

Oh, just want to wish Chloe a happy birthday for yesterday and Rosie for today xxxxxx

Wednesday, 15 February 2006

The Inlaws Have Landed!!!

Yep, they made it - Laura's parents have arrived to stay here in New Zealand for a month. So far they have been up Mt. Eden, Had dinner in Mission Bay, Walked around the CBD (Central Business District), and watched people throw themselves off the sky tower - they bought a map at the Dairy, and Alyson wore her Jandals, which she purchased in Singapore! They still don't know if it's day or night; Ally is recovering from being checked twice in customs for carrying offensive weapons - Andy assured us though that she left the inspection room with a smile on her face.....

They have taken a trip into the future lives of the residents of Erinsborough; It will cost you to find out what happens!!!

More soon ........