Tuesday, 9 September 2008

The Tour Comes to Town...

I think I've been accused of saying that nothing ever happens in Bridgwater... Well today it turns out I'm wrong; Today the Tour of Britain hurtled past the pub at the end of our road for Stage 3 of the 8 day race.

We stood out to cheer them along, and to try and get a glimpse of our Olympic heroes Wiggins and Thomas - of course they were cycling too fast to spot, and quite frankly they all look the same to the untrained eye! We had a lot of fun though anticipating when they might arrive, and even got a bit of video of the Pelaton flying past!

Police blocked all the roads to ensure a clear path
The leaders coming past 10 minutes ahead of the Pelaton
The Second group
The 185km Stage 3 map

The Tour in Bridgwater (Video)

Another weekend away...

Another weekend, another trip away! This time back up to Paul's parents for the baptism of some friends children - we had a lovely time with family and friends, and took the opportunity to visit Whipsnade Zoo which was fantastic; Gracie loved the animals, in particular the Giraffes and Lions!

Granny, Gracie & Annabel
Gracie, Daddy & A Lima (Gracie was desperate to pull his tale!)
A bundle of Limas getting ready for winter!
A European brown bear - very cuddly!
A very big Giraffe!

Thursday, 4 September 2008


Well August has been a fun month... So much has happened, and suddenly we find ourselves in September! We were excited to find the Christmas decorations on display in Debenhams this morning; A sign that the festive season is just around the corner (well it's 3 months away!)

We've had more great time with family and friends - a lovely weekend with the Amess clan, a weekend in Croxley Green with Paul's parents, plenty of fun in Bridgwater with uncle Tom, and Paul spent a couple of days with Chris in Dorset! Here are a few photos for you.

Uncle Paul with Matilda, Harry, 'Anbels' & Gracie

Gracie and 'Anbels'
Gracie the wizard!
Harry, Gracie & Matilda
Gracie among the flowers
Tree Hugger

Chris and Harry's Rocks
Bournemouth Beach
The Windsurfers in Bournemouth
Bournemouth Beach - Could almost be New Zealand!

A Bit of Singing