Thursday, 31 August 2006

One more sleep to go!

Well, we've made it; We're all packed up and moving out in the morning. We're going to stay with our good friends the Alcocks for a week, and then move into our new house on Saturday the 9th September. Our new contact details are as follows;

Paul & Laura Kingsley-Smith
291a Point Chevalier Road
Point Chevalier
+64 9 8452242

Please bear in mind that you won't be able to ring this number until the 9th. Until then, we are uncontactable!! We'll post again from the new house.

Wednesday, 16 August 2006

Where are we going to be living?

Matt Groening's Apple Brochure

As i'm sure you all know, I'm an all out Apple fan; so you can imagine that I was amused recently when I came across this file through a video podcast that I subscribe to. We used to have an Apple Classic, and it really did feel like it packed a punch at the time! It really does show how far Apple has come in the last few years!

Tuesday, 15 August 2006

Becca and Adam update!

Tonight Becca and Adam are off to Christchurch tonight to visit Emma and Dan. I'm told they need to brace themselves for the cold weather so they better get the winter wollens out! Here they are on the beach on their first day in Auckland.

Sunday, 13 August 2006

New House

Well after lots of looking, and dreaming of moving out of our apartment, the end is finally in sight. We move out of our small apartment in Grafton on the 1st September, and move on the 8th into a lovely 2 bed detached house in Point Chevalier which is a lovely area close to the sea.

We're extremely excited about really making home here - it's going to be a great place to raise our first child; Laura is already very busy figuring out the things we'll need to buy to make it feel homely - ouch!!!!

We'll try and get a photo soon.

Free Calls with Jajah

Found a new website today courtesy of the good old beeb.

Jajah allows registered members (which is free) to call landline to landline from around the world. I'd thoroughly reccomend you check it out, as we'll be making all our calls through here in the future and we can talk for free if you sign up.

I'd be interested to know if anyone has already ventured out into this stream of 21st century telecomunication - most people are already using skype, but this simply blows it out of the water.

Saturday, 12 August 2006

A Great Weekend Away

Yesterday we came back from a lovely weekend away in the Coromandel with Becca and Adam. It was really great to get out of Auckland as i have been so tired working and not feeling up to much.

We took Becca and Adam on the Cathedral Cove walk which we did earlier this year with my mum and dad which is just so gorgeous.

We also went on a cove/cave boat tour which was a giggle!

Wednesday, 9 August 2006

My Talk

I only just realised i had put the wrong link down below; If you wanted to listen to my talk, try again.

Sunday, 6 August 2006

I'm back!!!

Hey all - I reaslise i've not posted for almost a month now; luckily Laura has been flying the blog flag - I promise I'll get right back into the swing of it again.

So the last month has been rediculously busy - we had a fantastic time visiting our families in England; it was great to eat some good English sausages, although 3 meals on the trot at one stage was a little over the top!!!

It took me a week to fight the jet lag from the journey home (i thoroughly reccomend Emirates - we're now Silver Status fliers!) I led worship our first day back, and then led SOAK the following week which was a success.

Last Sunday Becca & Adam arrived from Sheffield, and we've been taking them around our favorite cafes and eateries in Auckland. We're going away with them to the Coromandel this weekend - should be a lot of fun should it stop raining!!!

Last night I spoke at the evening service on John 2:1-11. We recently started podcasting our talks, so you can take a listen here. Hope you enjoy.

So, all of the above has kept me pretty busy for most of our time. Laura and the baby are doing amazingly - I can now feel the baby kick which is awesome. Aparently it kicked and wriggled the entire way through my talk - do you think it could tell it was me?

I'll post again!