Sunday, 6 August 2006

I'm back!!!

Hey all - I reaslise i've not posted for almost a month now; luckily Laura has been flying the blog flag - I promise I'll get right back into the swing of it again.

So the last month has been rediculously busy - we had a fantastic time visiting our families in England; it was great to eat some good English sausages, although 3 meals on the trot at one stage was a little over the top!!!

It took me a week to fight the jet lag from the journey home (i thoroughly reccomend Emirates - we're now Silver Status fliers!) I led worship our first day back, and then led SOAK the following week which was a success.

Last Sunday Becca & Adam arrived from Sheffield, and we've been taking them around our favorite cafes and eateries in Auckland. We're going away with them to the Coromandel this weekend - should be a lot of fun should it stop raining!!!

Last night I spoke at the evening service on John 2:1-11. We recently started podcasting our talks, so you can take a listen here. Hope you enjoy.

So, all of the above has kept me pretty busy for most of our time. Laura and the baby are doing amazingly - I can now feel the baby kick which is awesome. Aparently it kicked and wriggled the entire way through my talk - do you think it could tell it was me?

I'll post again!


Rich said...

Yeah, I reckon it could. Maybe it was trying to get out !

Flamingo Man...

Dilys and Rob said...

Hey Paul,

We are back in Ireland and getting settled back into life here. Hope you guys are well ?
Take care of my shades....!

Anonymous said...

no need to go a dentist - just show him the pic!


Anonymous said...

Hey - having had a closer (larger than life) look at the pic - perhaps you should go to a vet who specialises in rabbits (...only joking...what a set of gnashers!)

Mum and Dad Powell

Anonymous said...

Chuckle chuckle Powells - tried to sort out Paul's jaw a while ago, and now you know why!!!! Anyhow having a rabbit with serious teeth problems made him feel more at home!!
Listened to the talk on Rosie's ipod last night - and it far from lulled me to sleep!! I highly recommend it to you all - a chip off the old block - his father has yet to listen to it!

Anonymous said...

Loved seeing your bro and Emily here in Chelts last night Laura - Rosie and Peter are thoroughly enjoying have them in their Cluster group!!

Chezza said...

By the way Baby Kinglett was protesting at the way his Daddy was mocking his to be Granny!! That's why he was wriggling and kicking!!