Wednesday, 16 January 2008

New Wine New Zealand

Last week we went to Matamata to the 'New Wine' conference where Paul was leading worship. If we're honest we went with very low expectations, however we both came away from the week having had a brilliant time. It was great to meet so many fantastic people with hearts of gold who were hungry for God. We both felt exhausted but refreshed from the week as well as challenged and inspired. This week has seen reality hit hard with both of us busy with work and caring for friends children-however we feel so excited about God's plans for our future and how He will use us. 

We have no photos of New Wine worth blogging so here are a few of the gorgeous Gracie who is growing up so fast, she is becoming more like a little girl every day.

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Holiday in Tutukaka

We went away after Christmas with Rosie, Pete, Matilda, Harry, Julia, & Amy. We headed up to a little fishing village called Tutukaka and had a fantastic time. Here are a few photos from our trip. 
Gracie wearing Matilda's back pack!
The children having their milk together
Pete bodyboarding
Gracie & Daddy
Gracie & Daddy walking
Gracie on the beach
Gracie and daddy digging on the beach
Gracie getting warm
Gracie and her aunts
Gracie and mummy
The big inflatable thing...

Christmas Day 2007

Well this was Gracie's first 'real' Christmas (last year she was only 2 weeks old) so we went all out for it. We put in a good word with Santa, and she received her first stocking from Santa! She loved that, and surprisingly it contained things that have come in very useful! 

Gracie opening her stocking
Aunty Pee opening her stocking...
Aunty Buggy opening her stocking
Gracie and her new toothbrush
Matilda and her new jewellery box
Must be how Santa feels...

Christmas Eve 2007

Well this year Christmas was set to be very different... We've had Aunty Buggy and Aunty Pee over from England, so we've had a great fun time with them, and of course with the Amess family. Here is a short photographic review! 

Christmas Eve Morning
Don't know if she gets it?!
A family Christmas movie - 'Elf'
Amy's epic Christmas trifle
Family BBQ