Thursday, 30 August 2007


I've been taking Gracie swimming recently and she loves it! Paul came with us today and apart from one little scare when Paul came up from under the water (she also finds this scary when he does it in the bath!), Gracie had the time of her life!

Tuesday, 28 August 2007


Today I took Gracie to her friends birthday party. I know it's a bit sad to be posting about my daughters social life but I was very excited for her as it was the first party she has ever been to in her whole life. I was also able to play dressing up and I put her in the most beautiful dress sent to her by Esther. Here is a photo for you to enjoy!

Sunday, 26 August 2007


We haven't blogged for a while as we've pretty busy with life!

Gracie has been teething and now has one tooth and another almost through. This process has been exhausting with her refusing to eat, waking at night and generally being unhappy during the day!

We've still got my brother Ed with us although he is now travelling in the Sounth Island and seems to be having a great time. We've also just said goodbye to our friends Wendy and Ian from Sheffield. We had a great time with them and had an added bonus day when we were on the way to the airport on Saturday morning to realise the flight didn't leave untill 11:30 pm not 11:30am! We had a great bonus day climbing Mount Eden and going into Parnell to have hot chocolate.

Yesterday was cluster Sunday, a day when the church breaks off into smaller groups to do different activities. Our cluster went to the zoo which was a bit crazy but fun all the same!

So it's been a crazy few weeks and just when we feel life is slowing down again we have to gear up for the church camp, then to move house and then finally we will get a break in Oz!

Gracie rests on daddy as wasn't feeling to good.

Wendy & Ian

Gracie playing with her food

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Gracie's on the move...

Gracie is slowly starting to move! She can now roll about the room and has started to move backwards. This photo was taken this morning, as you can see, going backwards can be tricky when you get stuck under the sofa! It reminds me of a photo of Ed when he was a baby-very cute!

Gracie meets Uncle Ted...

Well my brother Ed has arrived safely. It's great to see him and he seems to be a big hit with Gracie! We will no doubt post many blogs about all the adventures we get up to during his stay.

These photos are for you Steffi-Thank you so much for the gorgeous hat-she looks very cute-also note the top she is wearing!

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

We're moving again!

Just to let you know that we're moving house again! Its just down the road from our house now- a friends house who is moving to China so we've got a great deal in a great house! I think the plan is to move next month so watch this space for a video tour!

Sunday, 5 August 2007


It's that time of year again when we have an influx of visitors and the trip to the airport becomes a regular occurence! This weekend we have been hosting Mike and Becky Breen whilst they have been in Auckland spending time with St Paul's guys as well as some others which are part of The order of Mission which Mike heads up. We've also had our friends Emma and Dan up from ChristChurch to see us and Mike which has been so nice.

On Thursday the long awaited arrival of my brother Ed comes to an end! He will be the first member of my side of the family to meet Gracie and we can't wait! He is in New Zealand for about 5 weeks so Gracie will have plenty of time to bond with her uncle, although i know he has plans to continue his adventures exploring this beautiful country.

And then on Sunday our friends Wendy and Ian from Sheffield arrive. They will be staying with us for a couple of days before heading South to see Emma and Dan. So all in all it's a busy time for us, but it has been, and will continue to be really great to see so many friends and some family.

Oh, I just thought i'd add that Gracie is growing up so fast-here is a photo of her wearing a new top given to her by Rachael and her hair clip-very cute indeed! (Steffi, i will get a photo up of Gracie in the gorgeous top you sent her soon-promise!)

We're sick.....

Sorry its been a while since our last post but we've all been sick! Firstly I (Laura) had bronchitis for 2 weeks, followed by Paul who had tonsilitis, followed by Gracie who had her first ever vomiting bug followed by a cold and fever which still lingers. It's not a fun time in the Kingsley-Smith household!

On a happier note, we've been away for Paul's birthday with Rosie and Pete, Matilda and Harry for the weekend and had a fantastic time. The weather in Whangamata was beautiful for two out of 3 days and we spent our time on the beach, eating on the deck and playing settlers. Paul had a great time and ever said it was one of his best ever birthdays!