Tuesday, 18 December 2007

This years Christmas tree...

Our first real Christmas tree in New Zealand!
By day

By night

A beautiful dress sent by Auntie Fuffy

Friday, 14 December 2007

The BBQ King!

Well summer is well and truly upon us now and the BBQ season has begun. We love summer food as it's so quick and easy. Paul, after 2 1/2 years, has now perfected his skills and is now the king of barbecuing! Not only has Paul been cooking for us every night, but has also been entertaining his worship team with an end of year gathering, slaving over a hot barbecue for hours cooking for about 30 people. Here a just a couple of photos from a great night!

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Thank you!

We would like to thank everyone for the gorgeous toys and clothes they sent Gracie for her birthday. Here are just a few photos of Gracie enjoying them....

'Look at me, I'm so grown up!'

'Sorry, can't stop and chat-I have places to be...'

'Wow! I have crocs like mummy!'

A family photo...

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Happy Birthday Gracie!

Today is Gracie's first birthday. I really can't believe how fast this year has gone-it really is true; time flies when you're having fun! We feel so blessed to be able to celebrate Gracie's first year with us and how much she has grown and developed. We love her so much and are constantly thankful for such an amazing gift. Happy Birthday Gracie!

Presents on the bed.

On Friday Gracie had a little joint birthday party with her friend Amelie. It was a fun afternoon is not a little crazy at times- I think the girls had lots of fun which was the main thing! 

Gracie in  her party dress

The ladybird birthday cake-lovingly made by Gracie's Godmother, Anna.

 A very chaotic pass-the-parcel!

A weekend full of fun!

The rain stopped for one glorious day on Saturday so we made the most of it and headed to the beach. We took Rosie, Pete, Amy, Harry and of course Gracie to Bethels beach for the first time- one of our favourite beaches. We had so much fun swimming/paddling in the water and getting sand everywhere! One on the highlights was Paul pulling Harry along the water on a body board and Harry thinking this was the best thing ever! 

After the beach we headed home to rest before going to Christmas in the Park. When Paul and I went last year, I started having mild contractions whilst dancing around so it seemed fitting to take Gracie along to experience it for herself. I think we all had a great time and Gracie was mesmerised by the fire works at the end- when we finally put her into bed at 10:30 we could hear her chatting away to herself for quite a while still pumped from a brilliant day!

Amy Arrives in NZ.

Last Saturday Paul's youngest sister Amy arrived in the country. It is great to have her here with us and we are looking forwards to Julia arriving next Saturday. The weather has been pretty bad since she arrived but we live in hope that the rain will stop for good soon so that we can enjoy a sunny Christmas together.

Here is Amy enjoying a chocolate dipped strawberry:great jet-lag food! 

The family enjoy a BBQ outside-true NZ style!

Saturday, 1 December 2007

It's a busy life!

Just a few more photos of our lives over the past month...

Matilda, Noah and Gracie have fun together at the zoo.

Gracie's good friend Aaron turns 1 -neither baby have any idea what to do with this strange object in front of them!

Gracie and Amelie learn to share.

The babes on one of our Tuesday morning get-togethers!

Gracie's discoveries!

Gracie is turning one next week and we can't believe how the time has flown. She is changing from our baby into a little girl. Each day she becomes more independent and learns new tricks! Here are just a few photos of her latest discoveries.....

The toilet roll gets longer the more you pull at it!

Windows are great for making funny faces!

Trees are very big and great to walk around (thankfully no climbing yet!)

Another half-marathon!

Last weekend Paul ran his second half-marathon along with Pete and a few others from church. Gracie, myself, Rosie, Matilda and Harry all set off early to cheer our men in on the finishing line from about 8am. Paul did really well, beating his previous time from last month (he can give you the exact timings!). It was a beautiful day and we spend the rest of the morning soaking up the sun and enjoying the vibe. Well done Paul, we are so proud!