Sunday, 26 November 2006

Tour of the house!

This is our house - we thought it would be nice to show you wher we are living...

Our front yard
The study/music room
and again!!!
Our lovely lounge
More of the lounge!
The lounge from the kitchen
Our Kitchen

Under 2 weeks to go!!!

Well we are into the final countdown - Laura is now due in under 2 weeks. Aparently in the last week the baby has had a significant growth spurt - it wasn't small before, but i guess it definately isn't now. The baby is progressing well into position, and so hopefully i'll get to catch the bundle of joy within the next few weeks! I thought i'd put up a couple of photos of the babies room so you can see where it will be living.

Also - should update you on some of our most recent 'in womb' baby nicknames. Our good friend Rachel has named it Mrs Goggins, after my teady bear that was orginally named after the lovely Mrs Goggins in Postman Pat!!! I have been recently calling the baby bubbles - not sure why!!!

U2 Vertigone!!!

Well U2 was absolutely awesome on Friday night - we had an incredible time; loved singing along with the timeless classics. I spoke on Sunday night at church, and talked a little about our experience at U2 - you can download it here. It's a pretty good talk even if i do say so myself.

Some nice person put a little video on youtube of them playing One Tree Hill on Friday night; aren't mobile phones great! Hope you enjoy it!

Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Baby Shower!

On Sunday I had my baby shower organised by my friend Anna. It was a lovely afternoon and very relaxed which i loved as I felt a little nervous and strange about people coming over to give me presents!

We played a couple of games-the first was to melt a tiny plastic baby out of an ice cube-the first won a prize! The second was to cut a piece of string, guessing how big i am- I then measured the string around myself (as in the photo!) -this was hysterical as most guessed massively bigger than I am.

There was so much yummy food and I revieved so many lovely cards and presents- i felt very spoilt and loved! Thanks to everyone who came!

Wednesday, 15 November 2006

Slowing Down!

Well today is my first day off when I would have been working normally and it feels very strange! I love my job, so its been quite hard to finish, however i'm lucky enough to have a few extra hours here and there for as long as I want them. Today Paul has taken the car to the garage for a service (I dread the cost!) so i'm stuck at home all day- its good preparation for having a new baby i guess, but I strugglewith having no choice but to stop and slow down.

Tuesday was my last playgroup with Jack and the other nannies; there are a few of us leaving or changing jobs so it really felt like goodbye - its all very sad but I am excited that i'm moving on to something that is far more exciting and challenging. The baby's room is really taking shape and i just can't wait to have a baby to put in there!

Sunday, 12 November 2006


This weekend we've had Mike & Sally with us from Phoenix - Mike spoke brilliantly at church yesterday, and inducted Laura and I into the Order Of Mission this morning. You can download the talks from the St Paul's website.

Friday, 10 November 2006

Baby 'man' brain

Well.... I've heard that expectant mothers get baby brain during pregnancy, and forget stuff the whole time, but i'm wondering if fathers get it too? Now I know there is probably no scientific evidence to prove this, but i think we may; let me give you an example.

This afternoon we've been out for a fantastic afternoon with Mike & Sally - we popped into Newmarket at about 1pm to pick up a few bits and bobs before picking them up from the airport at 3pm. We picked them up, checked them into their hotel 'The Quadrant' which looks lovely. We then went down to the Viaduct, and then on to Mission Bay.

We finally arrived back to find our front door wide open - I have to say my heart sank as I prepared myself to find our computer gone, and all our other posessions gone. The strange thing though was that everything was exactly as I had left it 7 hours earlier. It was then that I realised that I had just gone out and left the front door wide open for anyone to walk in.

Praise God nothing got stolen - that could have been a tragedy!

Tuesday, 7 November 2006

U2 On their way...

Well last night U2 played in Brisbane last night, finally kicking off their tour again after a break for a couple of months. We're so excited that we'll be going to see them on Friday 24th November - let's hope the baby doesn't come that day... that would be tragic!

Sunday, 5 November 2006

Fireworks Night

This weekend we had a giggle with our cluster watching the fireworks over the city from the top of Mount Eden. The evening started with 'fush and chups' in the park where we had fun eating and playing!

We then climbed Mount Eden-a fair old hike for someone being 35 weeks pregnant! It was great to see the fireworks all over the city, however Paul was less than impressed and said they compared to a school display back in the UK.

After this we went to a cafe to warm up with hot chocolate and cake- a rather splendid evening really!

Great News

Well, some great news to start the week. There has been much speculation in NZ about IKEA coming, but the NZ Herald seem to think that it will be here in 2008 - this is great news, as NZ currently has nothing like it.

In other news, also according to the NZ Herald, this summer is set to be the hottest in 10 years thanks to El Nino. Last summer was awesome, so who knows what this year will be like!

Friday, 3 November 2006

Auckland in Summer

Well, it feels like the summer is well and truly here; This morning i left the house at 7am for an early surf - went to a great beach just north of Muriwai and had clean mid to head height waves. Sadly I tweaked my ankle and didn't catch too many waves becuase of it. Had a good couple of hours in the water though and it was bliss.

We followed that with an awesome brunch with our friends Cam & Michelle - Cam cooked us pancakes and we ate them on their deck with wonderful fresh fruit.

This evening we are heading to Mount Eden for fish and chips with our cluster, followed by a walk up the Mount to watch the fireworks around the city (Mount Eden has awesome panoramic views of the city)

Our baby is expected somewhere in the region of 5 weeks, so really life couldn't get much better than this! I love life!

Thursday, 2 November 2006

Church Cruise

Hey guys... sorry i've not posted for a little while; i've been pretty slack. Let me bring you up to speed with some great photo's from last nights thank you cruise - a chance to thank all the people who help out at St Paul's (about 150 in total!)