Friday, 3 November 2006

Auckland in Summer

Well, it feels like the summer is well and truly here; This morning i left the house at 7am for an early surf - went to a great beach just north of Muriwai and had clean mid to head height waves. Sadly I tweaked my ankle and didn't catch too many waves becuase of it. Had a good couple of hours in the water though and it was bliss.

We followed that with an awesome brunch with our friends Cam & Michelle - Cam cooked us pancakes and we ate them on their deck with wonderful fresh fruit.

This evening we are heading to Mount Eden for fish and chips with our cluster, followed by a walk up the Mount to watch the fireworks around the city (Mount Eden has awesome panoramic views of the city)

Our baby is expected somewhere in the region of 5 weeks, so really life couldn't get much better than this! I love life!