Wednesday, 15 November 2006

Slowing Down!

Well today is my first day off when I would have been working normally and it feels very strange! I love my job, so its been quite hard to finish, however i'm lucky enough to have a few extra hours here and there for as long as I want them. Today Paul has taken the car to the garage for a service (I dread the cost!) so i'm stuck at home all day- its good preparation for having a new baby i guess, but I strugglewith having no choice but to stop and slow down.

Tuesday was my last playgroup with Jack and the other nannies; there are a few of us leaving or changing jobs so it really felt like goodbye - its all very sad but I am excited that i'm moving on to something that is far more exciting and challenging. The baby's room is really taking shape and i just can't wait to have a baby to put in there!


Anonymous said...

Do we spy two little girls you used to look after Laura? You remember....the eldest used to call dad Sandy? and we went to Kelly Tarlton's.

mum and dad Powell

Laura Kingsley-Smith said...

Yes! Stella and Holly are in the photo-great spotting! Good old Sandy!