Thursday, 26 January 2006


A great friend of mine, Rob HIll, from the UK and his band Airborne have just released some new demo material and it is fantastic. Check our the website, Airborne or Airborne, My Space Downloads

Tuesday, 17 January 2006

Mum on TV

I'm very impressed - before christmas my mum was involved in the recording of The Choir advertising the latest Honda Civic. The choir simulated all the noises of the car as a soundtrack for the advert - she was also in vision for the TV commercial, it's very impressive and well worth a watch if you haven't already seen it on TV. Check it out here.

Friday, 13 January 2006

First wave....

So excited about the dolphins that i almost forgot to share my other news - our good friends Greg & Yona arrived at the beach at around 6 this evening and Greg & I got back out in to the water and I cought my first wave on his shortboard! I was pretty excited - i could stand up although it was high tide which meant for a short surf.

By the way, our 50lb arrival was our Apple eMac - sorry for all those of you who thought we'd given birth to a monster or got ourselves a lion cub!!!

Swimming With Dolphins...

Well... sorry we've not posted for a litle while; we've been cought up with going back to work and getting our lives back in to rhythm again.
So... last week we went to a beautiful white sandy beach called Te Arai with a couple of friends from church - we had a great picnic and enjoyed some bodyboarding in the beautiful sea. The highlight of the day, and infact the whole christmas holiday was having a pod of about 6 dolpins swim up to about 10 metres away in the surf - playing and jumping as dolphins do!! We were blown away by how cool this was, and were assured by the kiwi's that it's not all that common to be out in the water with them.
Today, Laura and I took a drive upcoast to a little beach (well pretty long actually) called Pakiri - again, there was a reasonable swell towards the end of the afternoon, so we got back out in to the water for another body board. We were seperated from the main section of swimmers and body boarders, and my heart skipped a beat, when i saw a fin metres away - Laura saw my face and pretty much pooped her pants, and seeing a very dark fin I decided it was a whale, and assured Laura it would be fine!!! Not quite sure what i was thinking, but suddenly a few more fins appeared, and it became aparent that they were in fact dolphins - this time round we think they were offshore bottlenose dolpins - they were very dark, and had short noses and looked very similar to the photo above. They were a lot closer this time, and i loved having them close by, but Laura was not convinced.
It was really an amazing experience once again - you just can't beat being out in the surf with dolpins 2 weeks in a row!!!!