Thursday, 17 November 2005

Weekend Again!!!

So, were at the end of another week so thought we'd just write another little hello - it's been a mad couple of weeks and weve been incredibly busy. 2 weekends ago we had a first church weekend away; we went away to Waitomo, where there are fantastic glow worm caves; i genuinely just thought that glow worms were those little glow in the dark toys when i was a child!!!

So the weekend was absolutely exhausting, but brilliant - we saw God do lots with the guys from the congregation who all seemed to enjoy themselves. Sadly I was trying to fight off some sort of chest infection so was struggling to sing.

We were exhausted for most of last week, so spent most of it just trying to get our energy back up again. On our day off on Friday we went to a great beach called Muriwai - it was so long, that even after walking down it for an hour, we still couldn't see the end! It was really cool; we took a swim in the sea there and it wasn't actually as cold as we thought it might be; the waves were pretty huge though, so lots of caution was taken.

After church on Sunday we had a great barbecue at a friends house - played cricket in the garden which was great!!! WE LOVE NEW ZEALAND!!!

This week has been very quiet, although Ive been very busy at work writing for a talk for this weekend; I'd appreciate your prayers that it would be great.

Thats all for now - we'll get more photos on soon

Monday, 14 November 2005

Hi All,
Long time no see! Well christmas is coming quickly and we are very disorganised! The adverts are on the TV with everyone in summer clothes-very strange- also, beach towels are on sale next to the fairy lights and christmas trees, its all a bit much for me to take in, causing me to be a bit home sick- i miss you all!
The girls at work are behaving themselves and i'm slowly make new friends outside of church (other nannies etc). Paul is preaching again this Sunday which is very exciting- please pray it will go well! We'll be in touch again soon... 

Wednesday, 2 November 2005

Bad dreams....

Well I had my worst possible dream a little over 30 minutes ago! I dreamt that i was getting chased down a path by chickens..... it gets worse; The chickens appeared to subside until suddenly i noticed a whole army of them flying at me! This was enough to drive me from my bed and start the day an hour earlier than normal (5:45).

For those of you who know me well; you will appreciate that for me that really is my worst nightmare - i have a genuine fear of birds - perhaps it's something to do with the pandemic the media is preparing us for!!!

So i thought i'd take this golden opportunity to update you all on what we've been up to. This week has been the eternal week!! We had a great weekend - we had dinner with Rich and Kath on Friday night which was great, and then spent Saturday afternoon down at Mission Bay with a whole load of guys from church - very nice indeed.

This week has been really manic for us both - the church is having a weekend away this weekend which has commanded a lot of my time in preparation; we also are working on our christmas services and have been having the headaches of song choice etc - i have a choir master though which makes it all easier once the decision has been finally made!!!

I'm fighting off illness this week which is frustrating - i'm had quite a sore throat and a bit of a chesty cough. I'm hoping and praying that it wont materialise but we'll see. I'm taking pills galore though to keep it at bay!!!

Sorry this post is rather boring - I'm still fairly traumatised by the birds! We'll post again soon; This weekend we're off to Waitomo for a couple of days; Waitomo has glow worm caves, so expect some fun photos next week.... Love you all