Saturday, 24 November 2007

Crazy Hair!

When I'm out and about I often get stopped (usually by old ladies-which I love because it reminds me of my Grandma) who comment on the colour of Gracie's hair. They say things like 'oh, just look at the colour of that hair, isn't it beautiful' or 'it's so rare to see hair that colour these days, it's so lovely' etc. 
The thing is with Gracie's hair is that it changes colour ALL of the time! In the morning it can be mousey brown, by lunch time it may be carrot, a hint of blonde mid afternoon and then mousey brown again by evening. There is no order to the change in colour but it does change at least once every day. 
Paul stated before Gracie was born that he would adopt out any child of his that was a ginger! I tell people who ask that Gracie has Paul's colouring yet lately I've been told that Gracie and I have the same hair-how can this be-am I Ginger?!
Another thing I am beginning to encounter with Gracie's hair now that it is getting longer is the amount of clips/ties/and bands available to keep the hair out of little eyes. It's crazy and I am quickly learning what looks best and what Gracie will not take out right away. Why do I do this? because I am desperate for her not to have a fringe as I can still painfully remember my hair styles from long ago!!!

'mummy, you can't be serious, this looks rather silly!'

"umm, please do something with my hair, you can't take me out like this!"

"If I make silly faces, maybe mummy won't notice I'm slowly pulling my hair band out!"