Monday, 29 December 2008

Leaving the UK

Well Christmas came and went, and very soon we were turning our attention to our last days in the UK, and getting ready for our flights to Canada on the 29th. Laura's parents took us to the airport at a crazy hour of the morning and we set off on our adventure for a new life in Langley BC.

As you can imagine, traveling with a 2 year old is pretty exhausting and this journey was no exception... we were greeted at the airport in a state of near unconsciousness which lasted the best part of a week!!!
The car packed and ready to leave Alexandra Road
One last meal with the in-laws at Heathrow
Gracie providing a little light entertainment
Not even on the plane and we're changing clothes!
Laura & Gracie and their pull alongs!
Settled on the plane!

Christmas 2008!

Christmas was a little bit of a haze this year... We started Christmas off on the the 23rd December by getting all of our shipping out of storage and into transit to travel to Canada; It was very straight forward which was nice!

This year, we spent Christmas in Devon with my (Paul) family and had a really fun time, although It was marred by an overnight stay in hospital for Laura, the flu for Gracie, and Pneumonia for Laura also... Not full health in our house. Regardless though, we had a great Christmas and loved some quality time with family.
The removal men taking everything we own for it's 2 month journey to Langley
Harry, Gracie & Matilda putting out milk for Santa
Uncle, inlaw, cousins, sister, nephew!
Christmas dinner... easily the best meal of the year
Uncle Paul and Annabel

Monday, 22 December 2008

Out and about at Christmas...

It's been a busy December for us this year; We've been dashing around the country saying goodbyes, packing up for our move, finishing work, and getting ready for Christmas. We probably wont choose to move 4 days after Christmas again!!! Here are some snapshots of the past few weeks...
Gracie's new game... Bum cream on the face!Catching up with baby Annabel in Cheltenham
Spending some lovely QT with my gorgeous sister Rosie
Tilda & Bobo showing Gracie how to jump off the sofa in style!
Laura and her gorgeous sister Steffi in London
Gracie at her Christmas party

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Gracie is 2!

On the 10th December Gracie turned 2 years old; It seems a little weird saying that we have a 2 year old, but we're getting used to it! She got some lovely cards and presents which she is loving playing with. Here are a couple of photos from the day.

Gracie in her new Upsy Daisy costume!
Gracie in her new chef's hat and new dress!
A low impact 2nd birthday tea with Lucy, Al, Daniel, Kate & Drew...

Monday, 8 December 2008

So where exactly are we going?

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Sunday, 7 December 2008

Baby 'Mumble'

Laura is now 21 weeks pregnant, and we've affectionately nicknamed the incoming 'Baby Mumble' as it spends most of it's time dancing in the womb like Mumble from Happy Feet (Gracie's favorite film). This is the photo from Laura's 20 week scan - all is healthy which is great! We're working hard to produce a baby on every continent - this one will be a Canadian!

We're moving to Canada...

We've tried as hard as we can to keep this under wraps, but with only 3 weeks until we fly we thought we should make our news 'official'. Following our week long visit to Langley, I (Paul) was offered the job of Associate Pastor at Langley Evangelical Free Church which is an awesome church in Langley, British Columbia. We're excited to finally know where God wants us to be after a long summer, and appreciate the prayers of all those who have taken the time to do so!

The church feels very similar to what we have been used to and we really felt at home there. Darren, who leads the church is a fantastic leader and I'm really looking forward to working alongside him and the rest of the staff team!

So in three weeks time, the Kingsley-Smith family will be moving to Canada for another adventure, and what is sure to be a fantastic journey; I officially start work mid January so we'll get a couple of weeks to settle in and enjoy the local area, including hopefully making use of the local mountains!

As ever, we appreciate your prayers as this is a huge move for us, and as always we'll keep you updated on the blog!

Our Trip to Canada...

A couple of weeks ago, Laura and I made a visit to Langley BC, which is a small city about 45 minutes outside of downtown Vancouver (Canada). We left Gracie at home for the week with Grandma and Grandpa, and went off on a fact finding mission and for me (Paul) to interview for a job at LEFC; a really fantastic church in downtown Langley. We had a great fun week making friends, seeing a little of the local sights, playing settlers (lots!) and having a brilliant time getting to know some of the guys at the church. Here are a few photos from our trip.

Two of our new friends Katie & Darla, outside Laura's new favorite donut and tea stop!
Laura and Katie in 'The Ice Cream Factory', where they sell over 200 flavors of ice cream!
Absolutely vile! Believe me I tried!
The river at Fort Langley
Laura sporting a new Canadian hair do!
Matt & Katie our fantastic hosts, and new friends!
The boats at Whiterock (about 15 minutes from Langley)
Matt and Paul keeping warm in Stanley Park in a gale!!!
Dinner out in Vancouver with Matt & Katie, and Darren & Wendy