Saturday, 18 April 2009

Happy 'Birthday' Phoebe!

Believe it or not, today (18th April) is Phoebe's actual due-date! It seems a little surreal to think that she has actually been with us for over 3 months now (click here for the beginning of the story). She's continuing to do amazingly and yesterday was finally given the all-clear from the eye doctor, saying that her eyes are in perfect order. We're thoroughly grateful for this as I'm sure she will be when she's old enough to appreciate them! She's still not poo-ing enough so please keep praying that her bowels would loosen big time!

This week has been a busy and fun week; It started last Saturday night with the arrival of Granny (Paul's mum) from the UK. Gracie had the time of her life on Easter morning with eggs galore laid outside the house by our landlord Marcel - she spent the morning gathering and eating, and we spent the rest of the day dealing with a girl who only wanted to eat chocolate!

We've had a great fun week seeing some of the sights, relaxing at home and having interesting chats with interesting people... The first chat was with the Google Street View driver who was photographing our street (we proceeded to follow him once he was done to ensure our google fame). Our second interesting chat was with Gordon the Cowboy Poet this morning...
Granny arriving into Vancouver
Grannies first cuddle with Phoebe
Gracie's Easter egg hunt
'If only I was just a little bit smaller'
'Why is she in my carseat?'
Mum chatting with the Google man!
Bath time!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Cuter and Cuter...

We have survived our first week back at home with Phoebe although we're pretty tired. Phoebe has had a busy social calendar; She's had plenty of people dropping by to meet her; She attended her first cluster on Saturday, and her first stations of the cross last night!

We've no idea what she weighs anymore, but she'll be going to the doctor tomorrow to get weighed so we'll be able to give you a little more info then. Her bowel movements are better than they were, but she is still straining and her belly button has a hernia as a result.

Gracie is a lot of fun at the moment - she's keeping us entertained everyday with her little anecdotal comments that she has obviously picked up from us. Laura is shattered, as every newborn mother is and I'm plodding along (also tired, but don't dare say it in public for fear of being hit by women).

On Saturday my mum will arrive for 9 days which we are looking forward to hugely; Gracie is already very excited about going to the airport to pick her up. Here are a few photos from the last week.
Spring has sprung!

Soooooo tiny!
Finding her thumb
Gracie and her Canadian friends Denaya & Alyshia getting ready for a sleep over