Sunday, 20 December 2009

Update on Phoebe

Phoebe has now been in Musgrove Hospital in Taunton for 3 nights; She has Bronchiolitis, which is described here. She is in a stable condition and is simply in hospital to recover; They are hopeful that she will be home with us by Christmas Eve - she is in an oxygen box which is helping her with her breathing and she is taking most of her feeds by nasal gastric tube. They are keen to make her recover as easy as possible, hence all the support.

Meanwhile, Gracie is over the worst of Tonsilitis and is herself again which is great. We're holding up well, and look forward to all being back together for Christmas. Some photos...

Friday, 18 December 2009

Back where it all began...

Sorry we've been out of contact for a long time. As you know we've been living down in Devon, and we didn't have an internet connection. Fortunately we had electricity for the last few weeks of our stay there, and I understand that they're hoping to go to colour down there any day now (everything is currently in black and white).

I will write a full update on what's been going on in the near future, but for now I wanted to bring you up to speed with where Phoebe is at; Phoebe has been quite sick this week with a very bad chesty cough, and has ben struggling with her breathing - we took her to see the GP on Tuesday and he sent her away saying that unless she was blue and floppy there was nothing that could be done.

We called NHS Direct last night as she seemed to be going downhill yesterday; she had been pretty unresponsive for most of the day and had no colour in her. They sent an ambulance for her immediately and she was taken to Musgrove Hospital in Taunton. She was kept overnight, and she is likely to be there for another night.

They believe she has bronchilitis which isn't too serious, but she's in an oxygen box, has a feeding tube up her nose again as she's not been keeping any food down. Laura is with her, and was up for most of the night while the doctors and nurses where in and out - I was at the hospital until gone 3am.

Meenwhile, I am now back at home with Gracie who also has the flu - she's not left the sofa now for 2 days (other than going to bed) and is sleeping LOTS! She's not eating and isn't in good spirits at all, but fortunately she is loving her new Peppa Pig DVD that she got for her birthday.

So bear us in your thoughts and prayers as it seems the year is ending in a similar manner to how it started. We're in good spirits, but this is the 2nd christmas on the trot that is being hijacked by ill health!

I'll keep you up to date via the blog, facebook and twitter.
Phoebe on Oxygen after arriving in the ambulance.