Tuesday, 26 April 2005

Pauls Website

A Short note to say that I have started my own website. Recently people have been asking me If they could get their hands on songs that I have written. Having given it much thought, i decided to make a small website where people can download my songs if they want. You can visit the site by clicking here
I haven't put my first song up yet, but there is stuff to read. I hope to have songs up on there within a couple of weeks. Please do email me comments if you have any.

A Call to prayer

So after that informative post, something a little more deep. We have some fairly major prayer requests for the coming weeks, and would value your support in prayer over the coming months as we prepare to move and settle into a new home and new country. Again, in list format!!!

  1. PRAY FOR THE SALE OF OUR CAR. Citroen C3 1.6 Exclusive - we have this car on finance, and MUST sell it before we leave. We've had adverts in AutoTrader, but had no interest. We really need God to do a miracle. If you know anyone who needs a new car, please tell them about us.
  2. PRAY FOR OUR VISAS. After quite a jumble, we finally got our health checks yesterday, and we are in good health - our police checks also came through and we are both clear, so we are just waiting the results of our blood tests. So nearly there!! Please pray that we have our VISA applications accepted before the 8th June!!!
  3. PRAY FOR OUR HEALTH. I think with so much to do over the next month, we just need to ask Gods protection on our health, that he will keep us fit and healthy so that we can do all we need to.
  4. PRAY FOR PROVISION. Moving to New Zealand is quite a step of faith for us - due to the fairly short notice we simply haven't had the time we would have liked to save and prepare for our move. We really need God to work a miracle as we have to set up home again in NZ but cannot afford to ship over our posessions.
  5. PRAY FOR RELATIONSHIPS. As we leave our friends in the UK, please pray that we God would help us make great friends in New Zealand too. It is a daunting prospect moving to unknown teritory, so we'd appreciate prayer for some great people to befriend us.
  6. PRAY THAT WE SETTLE. It is so important for us to settle into New Zealand and build a real community around us. Please pray for the practical things that will enable us to do this - house, car, time etc.
  7. PRAY FOR LAURAS JOB. As I will be working full time for the church, it is really important for Laura to find work in Auckland so that she can settle easily (and earn some money!!). Ideally Laura would love to work in a school so please pray for an opportunity for this.
  8. PRAY FOR PAULS JOB. Moving to be a worship leader in Auckland is very exciting, but please pray that God will help me to adjust to a different culture and lead people into the presence of God in a fresh and exciting way. Please also pray as I will be starting my post almost immediately once we arrive.
Sorry for the long list, but we appreciate your prayers.

What we're up to...

Firstly my I appologise for my stupidity - it seems that we are actually here for another 6 weeks, so you're not rid of us that quickly!! For your benefit let me just quickly run you through our schedule for our remaining weeks so you know where to catch us. We are generally free most week nights if you would like to see us then!! So....

29/4 - 31/5 : Lauras parents staying in Sheffield

6/5 - 8/5 : Free weekend in Sheffield (I'm leading worship at Heidi Baker conference with Pete James on Saturday night)

13/5 - 15/5 : Lauras Ball on the Friday, my parents to stay on Saturday night, My final sunday leading worship at Crookes - would love you to be there if you can...

20/5 - 22/5 : Visiting friends and family in Cheltenham

25/5 : My last day at work!!! :-)

27/5 - 30/5 : Weekend in Sheffield. Our leaving party is on the 28th at our house - spread the word.

3/6 : We leave sheffield to spend a couple of days with Lauras family in Bridgwater

4/6 : Leaving party mark 2! In Bridgwater for those in the south west!

5/6: Move on to my parents for our last couple of days in England

8/6: 16:15 - Fly to Auckland via LA (for 4 hours!)

Monday, 25 April 2005

Only 5 and a bit weeks

Well reality hit home over the weekend – we’ve been down to my parents for my dads 60th birthday; we had such a fantastic time catching up with family and old friends – a lot of whom we won’t see again before we leave. On the journey down we decided it would be worthwhile just to plan our weekends, and were somewhat surprised to find out that we only have another 5 left!!! So, its all guns blazing for the next couple of weeks!!!

Fortunately on Saturday morning we received our letters from the police stating that neither of us have any criminal convictions (I think we knew that anyway) This morning we are having our medicals – should be fine, or at least we hope!

So, once again a quick reminder that we are planning to have a leaving barbecue at 147 Mulehouse Road on the 28th May, all are invited. Also we are trying to sell our home stuff so please send us an email if you need anything and we’ll come to an arrangement.
Please continue to pray that we sell our car and our SOFAs – it would be a nightmare if they don’t sell; we really need God to intervene.

Tuesday, 19 April 2005

Can I see the end?!

Hi everyone, just thought I’d give you all an update on how my work is going as that is all I seem to be doing at the moment! Well, I’ve finished my first and second chapters of my dissertation which is studying the portrayal of Christ in Children’s Bibles. My first chapter, which is pretty much ready to hand in, it is looking at the image of Christ in a range of Bibles which I have accumulated, published over the past 100 years (thank you to everyone who has helped me find these Bibles!). The second chapter has a little more to do to bring it up to standard but I have been studying the character of Christ within these same Bibles, particularly looking at the emotions of Jesus and other such exciting things! The final chapter is now underway and I hope to have finished a rough draft by Friday, ready to enjoy our weekend away in Watford to celebrate Paul’s dad’s 60th birthday!


Other events in my life include interviewing nannies last week to replace me at the Heaths (the family I have worked for, for the past 2 years) which was a little bit scary really as I hate making important decisions, but in the end it was easy and I hope this girl enjoys working for the family as much as I have. Our visas have also been on our minds and we would ask everyone to pray that our police checks return to us very soon so that we can actually apply for the visas we need. There is a huge risk that we might not even get them before we fly so some serious prayer is needed! And for those who are praying, I’d like to add a few more requests whilst I’m at it! We need to sell our car for a really great price, also our sofas and other bits and bobs, so please, please pray and ask around for us!


Only seven weeks to go now and we’ll be in New Zealand!!!  

Monday, 18 April 2005

You are Invited!!!

Hey people. I thought I would just give you a heads up on our plans for the coming 7 weeks, so you know when to catch us before we leave. We are flying from Heathrow Airport on Wednesday 8th June at 16:15, but will be leaving Sheffield on the 3rd June to spend the last few days with our families.

On the 28th May we will be having a leaving party at 147 Mulehouse Road, Crookes, Sheffield from 6pm till late. We're praying for a warm day so that we can have one final barbecue with our friends in England before heading off to the colds of the New Zealand winter. Everyone is invited to come and celebrate with us, as we prepare for our big day on the 8th.

Without sounding presumptious I would like to make a short note about leaving presents. Should anyone want to give us a leaving present, could you please not! We are taking 4 suitcases with us to New Zealand, so are very limited by space. If you would like to bless us, we would love money as we are saving for our luggage and to buy a digital camera so we can keep you all up-to-date with our latest haircuts and tans!!! If you want to do this, please email us and we can give you our bank details.

OK, so thats the news for today - check back soon for Lauras update on her dissertation, and any other useful news. Our photos will be coming back online soon, once i have designed a page for them. The first installment will be a little album of our wedding!!!

Take care people.

Friday, 1 April 2005

Do your bit for the Tsunami Appeal

I just downloaded this track! It only costs £1.50 and the money goes to charity. This track has all your favorite worship leaders on it (except me!!) so listen carefully and make a difference. To purchase the track Click Here!