Friday, 27 October 2006

House warming party

Last night we had our house warming party- it was good fun and loads of guys came along to help us warm the house! It was fairly tame as far as party's go-no wild antics as far as I know....and as an added bonus we're back in favour with our neighbours for inviting them (long story about letting our grass over grow!) All in all, a great night.

Monday, 23 October 2006

Cluster Day

Yesterday was labour day bank holiday so we all had the day off- this time last year we had Emma and Dan Andrews staying with us and had a wonderful time on the beach. This year the weather wasn't so great and it rained all day. We didn't let it get us down though and had our cluster over for lunch which was lots of fun, they all went to play ten pin bowling whilst I had a nap!

We then had the Nauck's over (gorgeous family from church) in the evening, after a great time playing with the boys, Cameron went to bed in the baby's room and Bradley went to sleep in our bed. I'm told it was his big news at kindy today and that he would like to have a full nights sleep over at ours soon-Very CUTE! He just really loves Paul and can't get enough of his attention-its lovely to see them together and makes me think what a great dad Paul will be- i'm sure i'll be posting lots of cute stories of Paul and kinglet's adventures soon!

Thursday, 5 October 2006

'P' Party!

Paul has just left to go to the church party which has a theme in association with the letter 'p'. He was delighted to make use of his Arab outfit he bought in Egypt a couple of years ago and has painted his beard with my mascara to go as a 'Palestinian'. He looks brilliant!

I was going to go as a pediatrician and where my scrubs however i've caught a bug from Jack, the little boy I nanny for, and vomited during our tour of the hospital last night and have felt terrible all day, so its a night in for me.

I've got a week off from kids church this week which is nice as i'm finding it harder to get the energy each week, its only a few more weeks before I'll stop altogether. I feel quite sad about this because i love the relationship i have with the children as i am the only consistant helper in the group but at the same time really relieved because it is getting so hard. I think I'll try and enjoy a few sunday morning lie-ins which I know will be the last I'll get for very long time!

Tuesday, 3 October 2006