Sunday, 7 January 2007

Gracie having an afternoon nap

DSCF2157.jpg, originally uploaded by thekingsleysmiths.

Here's a little photo of Gracie yesterday having a nap after a feed. She is doing very well - she keeps us on her ttoes, but generally you couldn't ask for a better baby - she sleeps well which is great, and she is a lot of fun to be with. We love her very much.


Lucy said...

She looks so peaceful!! Not like her cousin who is being a little monkey at the moment. Daniel was very fascinated by your video and watched it about four times! I had forgotten what sunshine looks like, very jealous that you are having summer at the moment, our nights seem very long! Take care and lots of love from the Gregory clan xxxxx

Anonymous said...

We can see you are both thoroughly enjoying your new toy!!
Dad says the poor little thing will be traumatised for life with her head inside the helmet.
She looks more like you Laura every day.

love Mum and Dad Powell

Anonymous said...

Gracie looks like she's doing really well guys! Evie has put on lots of weight and is looking very cute and chubby too! Beginning to do lovely long sleeps at night too - hurray!!! Take care you three!
Love James, Jenny & Evie