Thursday, 22 March 2007

Gracie's recent adventures

A little update on gracie's social events...

This week we spent time with Rachael...Gracie and Rachael were hanging pretending to be 'barry boys' in her car!

This is just Gracie looking very cute!

Then Amélie and Gracie spent the afternoon playing together-so cute!

We have Emma and Dan with us today up from Christchurch which is lovely, They are just off to the beach whilst Gracie and I have a sleep.
Tomorrow is the day Paul's parents arrive-we are very excited that they will meet Gracie at last....what a busy time of year!


Emma Andrews said...

Thanks for a great time! Can't wait to visit again! It was fantastic to meet Gracie, who is SO gorgeous! Will chat soon, hugs, Ems.x