Sunday, 28 October 2007

My First Half Marathon

On the 2nd July this year I went for my first run in a very long time... I ran 1.6km and it took me 15 minutes (I know this because I logged it on 

It was an absolute effort, but none-the-less I decided that I would run on a regular basis to shift some weight, and to improve my general health. 

On the 29th July I turned 27 and received an iPod Nano, and a Nike+ sports kit (it measures and logs all your runs). Soon after I decided to enter the Auckland Half Marathon to see if it was something I could achieve. 

Since the 1st of July i've run 683km's,  lost over 2 stone and have made running a major part of my daily routine. 

Yesterday, I finally ran the Auckland Half Marathon, and I achieved more than I ever thought I would!!! I finished the course (21.1km) in 1h:31m:24s which is an amazing time for a first effort. It's a great run, on which you get to run over the harbour bridge, although I don't really remember it! shame... 

Out of a field of about 6000 runners I finished 206th overall, and 110th in the 16-34 year old Male category. I even beat former All Black Ian Jones which is pretty cool.   

In honesty it was utterly exhausting, but it was totally worth the effort and I've got the bug!!! I'm considering entering an event in a months time, and would plan to beat that time; I'll keep you posted! Here are some photos...

Receiving some pre-race physio from my good friend Si
In my gear, ready for the race
Laura & Gracie waiting for me near the finish line
Completely exhausted!
Ah... post race massage! 
The official results... click on image to see full size


Chezza said...

Such a huge achievment - well done Paul - you'll be ready for the London Marathon in no time!!
Big love

Father-in-law said...

Well done Paul. Only one comment though - I think fishnet tights suit you better!

zacandsarah said...

Congratulations Paul. As you say a brilliant time. Glad to see you've caught the bug! Keep on running...


Emma Andrews said...

Awesome Paul! Well done! It looks like a well deserved massage! I'm being inspired!

Rich said...

You are my new mojo, new guru, new inspiration. Seriously. Serious respect bro. R

Anonymous said...

well done Paul - what a great achievment - Glad to see you're all looking well - what an inspiration!

Becca & Adam xx

Anonymous said...

Well Done PK - the pictures should be made into a calendar!!!