Thursday, 10 April 2008

We're back!

After a whistle stop visit to Oklahoma, we made it back to NZ yesterday morning. We had the most amazing time and met some gorgeous people there who blessed, inspired and challenged us in every way. Our week was jam-packed with meeting different people in the church, going out for meals and experiencing Oklahoma.

Our first impressions of the community at Bridgway church blew us away and it only got better as the week went on. I was somewhat disappointed though to find out that the average person doesn't wear a cowboy hat and boots on a daily basis, although we were taken to cow town so that I could see a real-life cowboy!!!

There are so any highlights that I couldn't begin to write them all, however, the one I'll mention as we have a photo, is meeting one of the contestants from American Idol who we loved when we watched it a few moths ago! He sang the national anthem at the baseball match we watched-how hysterical!!! 

We were hosted by Zak and Jessica with their gorgeous 8 week old baby, Adley, for most of the week and for our last two nights, with Lance and Stacey, with their two amazing kids, Jake and Emily. It is true what they say about Oklahomans knowing how to host! We loved our stay so much and felt so blessed to be looked after and cared for by these guys. 

Zak, Jessica and Adley.

Stacey and Lance outside church.

At the baseball game with Kyle from American Idol!