Saturday, 17 May 2008

Onwards to Phoenix ...

Having spent a couple of days in LA we took a comparatively tiny internal flight (1 hour) to spend a week with Gareth, Lizzy, Daisy, Lucy, & Toby. They live in Anthem, Phoenix which is hot... VERY hot - one day it reached 108, which was surprisingly very nice!!!

Anthem is a little bit like the Truman show - everything is perfectly groomed, clean and nothing looks out of place (apart from us!). We had fun driving around the community in the borrowed golf buggy - it had be seen to be believed!

The took us to Sedona which was absolutely stunning - we had a great lunch out in a wonderful sandwich shop, followed by swimming in a very beautiful (but cold) creek. I played golf with Gareth and Mike B, and shot a very convincing 76 at a very posh country club! Laura and Lizzy had lovely massages in return!

The children playing in the golf buggy!
Gracie talking on the mobile phone!
Me driving about town in the buggy!
Gracie in her hideous $1 Walmart sunnies!
Lunch out in Sedona

A big rock/mountain type thing in Sedona
Cruising with Gareth in his open top Mustang, before the roof broke!
A stunning view across Sedona
Gracie having a nano-nap!
The sun going down on a fantastic day