Thursday, 16 October 2008

An Update...

Well once again we've left far too long between blog posts; We've had plenty to blog about but not the time to actually blog!!! We've been busy in the past month. We had a trip to Bristol Zoo for our nephew Daniels birthday, we took Gracie to Weston Super Mere where she had her first donkey ride. Gracie also experienced her first ever Fair, which she loved. Laura and I attended a 1920's them murder mystery party with Tom & Esther, at which I won a prize for the best dressed male!!! I've also started a new job, working as a LSA in a PRU with children that have been excluded from school.

And Laura's pregnant! Due in April...

Here are a few photos from the last month.

The family at Bristol Zoo
Grandpa being eaten at Weston
Gracie playing in the sand (mud) at Weston
Gracie's first Donkey ride
More fun in the bath!
Gracie's first fairground ride
Aunty Bug and Gracie at Emily's memorial tea
Gracie getting stuck into Marks Gospel
Lord & Lady Sheraton
Lord & Lady Ritz
Out for a walk in the woods


Liv said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the new pregnancy!! That's great news, very exciting!! So sad we won't get to meet the new bub for maybe many years to come...oh how sad!!!!

Lots of love
Livvy xx

kath said...

Oooh TOOO cute!!!

The Kingsley-Smiths said...

I guess you're talking about me in my 20's outfit Kath?