Monday, 30 March 2009

Update from Home!

It's so nice to be at home for our second morning without having to worry about a visit to the hospital; Gracie has adjusted so nicely to having Phoebe at home, and is being such a wonderful big sister... We even found her lying in her cot yesterday morning with her (well actually on top of her, and it was VERY lucky that I found her!).

Laura and I are enjoying the freedom that having a child at home brings (in comparison to having one in hospital). I took Gracie to church yesterday morning and Laura spent the morning at home with Phoebe which she absolutely loved.

Phoebe is in a lot of discomfort and would love some more prayer... She's not done a poo since coming home which is obviously very painful for her as she is blocked up... If this doesn't sort itself naturally, I'll be having to hold a laxative pill up her bottom until it does(which believe me I don't want to do). This has been an ongoing problem for quite a while now, but we've not really had to experience the reality and see just how uncomfortable she is pretty much all day long.

She also has some reflux which is causing her some pain... It's mild which is good, but you can see that she's not happy about it. Like I said it would be great to pray for these as she has already been through so much.


Louise Sheppard said...

Wow! This is fantastic news. We're colleagues of Ed's at Bible Society in Swindon, and you've been in our prayers since before Phoebe was born. Amazing to see how she's doing!
My son used to also have problems 'producing' and we ended up giving him diluted orange juice once a week! Louise

Becky said...

Will be praying for you little Phoebe! xx

Chad & Taralyn said...

Great stuff Paul & Laura!

Emma Andrews said...

Hey lovelies, will be praying! Lots of love to you all,