Saturday, 18 July 2009

Our holiday in Shuswap Lake

Last week we headed north east with our good friends Jaben & Sarah to Sarah's family cabin on the shore of Shuswap lake... For Tom's comedy account of the week click here. We had a wonderful relaxing time including some fishing, swimming, golfing, BBQ's, fires, hand built beach sauna, and our first experience of Smores (a canadian fireside institution). We had the most amazing time with our friends and discovered a new favorite place! Thankyou Jaben and Sarah and the Meraw family for showing us such a good time.
Beach fires!
A walk in the woods!
Gracie out in the Canoe
Night sky over the Shuswap

Dinner overlooking the lake - stunning views
Jaben & Tom fishing off the pontoon
Tom's catch...
Fishing from the boat
Speed boat trip...


Paul Kingsley-Smith said...

Just testing out the new commenting system

Chezza said...

Just the most gorgeous photos!! You look as though you had a lovely time in a lovely place! Miss you all! XXXX

Guest said...

Paul... Val and I are old friends of your mom and dad. Val and your mom go back half a century!! Learned that you are in Canada - so are we... pastoring in Winnipeg!! RSVP at the above e-mail so we can be in touch.
Blessings - John Micklefield

Paul Kingsley-Smith said...

Hi John
I couldn't find an email address... Would love to make contact with you. Perhaps you could email me at