Tuesday, 25 July 2006

Paul's Birthday

I know i've left this a little late for all of you not in New Zealand to send cards etc, but i just want to remind you all that its Paul's 26th Birthday on Saturday! I've been a little lame and have no idea what to get him and he has had to organise his own birthday drinks! Oh dear, i guess theres still time so if anyone has any ideas!


Jo Parkins said...

Paul should really do something about his constipation... he looks in pain!
Happy birthday for Saturday, hope its a good one.
Jo & Matt

Anonymous said...

I know that he loves chocolate - perhaps Ex-Lax would be best!!

David Sztypuljak said...

Have a great day Paul.

It's my birthday on Sunday too so that means it'll be my birthday where you are 12 hours before I get there! Weird!

andy and katherine said...

Hi Laura,

I've been thinking about Paul's present and reckon a go on the SkyJump at the Sky Tower might be in order :-) He wouldn't forget that present quickly!

Hope you guys are doing OK. We miss you both and being in New Zealand. Take care...