Sunday, 3 February 2008

Milford Sound...

Well, I (Paul) had a very special treat and flew to Milford Sound from Queenstown (It's a good 5 hour journey each way otherwise!) Milford Sound (Which is actually a Fjord) is arguably one of the most beautiful sights in New Zealand, and certainly iconic both here and abroad. It was a magical morning for me! 

Early morning cloud gathering on the peaks of the mountains.
Our tiny 11 seater plane! 
The approach into Milford Sound; A blanket of thick cloud covering the land below.
Our plane! 
The Sound; Stunning
Me on the boat cruise through the Fjord - we went all the way out to the open sea on a 2 hour long cruise. 
The view from the mouth of the Fjord.
And another one. 
A mahussive waterfall. Can't remember it's name! 
The amazing Mitre peak on the left rises 1.3km out of the sea - really amazing! Sadly my photos don't really do this place justice!