Thursday, 14 December 2006

Gracie & Mummy

Gracie & Mummy, originally uploaded by thekingsleysmiths.

Here is a lovely picture of Mummy and Gracie on their last night at Birthcare. Laura is doing so well - she is taking motherhood in her stride , and just looks fantastic!


Anonymous said...

I think we are seeing a bit of Lozzers legendary bottom lip in this pic.


Anonymous said...

Lozer and Paul, Gracie is just GORGEOUS, sooooo cute, CONGRATULATIONS...i don't want you to think that i haven't tried to get in contact, some reason the phone just kept going dead last night..i'll try tonight, really want to chat and hear EVERYTHING. Love you lots, Esther.xx

Emma A said...

Laura you look great! AND Gracie you are SO cute! Looking forward to catching up very soon! Lots of love, Ems.x

Anonymous said...

Cute!! What a natural!

Love you lots...did you get anyting in the post from me on 13th?

Fuff xxx

Anonymous said...

BIG congratulations to you! We are so happy for you guys. Gracie is so beautiful.

Lots and lots of love,

Ian and Wen