Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Gracie news!

Well, having a baby really is the most amazing experience! I am absolutely besotted with my little Gracie, and love every minute with her.

The 3 of us are staying in Birthcare at the moment which is a private hospital especially for new mums and their babies. The New Zealand system for having babies is absolutely incredible! We are waited on 24-7 and have midwives there to check that Gracie is feeding well; Laura had a massage from the physio this morning - it really is fab.

Laura has been an absolute star - the birth went amazingly, and she has made an excellent recovery, although I always knew she would.
We're staying in Birthcare until tomorrow, when we will return home to Point Chev to introduce Gracie to our house and her new room.

Thank you all for your comments and messages - it's great to hear from you; We feel very loved and valued.