Friday, 30 June 2006

Having a fantastic time!

We are having a wonderful time here in Croxley Green, eating lots of yummy food, sitting in the sun filled garden and visiting the wider family. Paul is out with chezza (his mother!) shopping for the fun filled weekend ahead whilst i relax with Amy.
Yesterday was such a laugh, we went to visit the aunts and uncles; much singing, laughter and more food! We have captured some great moments on the handicam which we will laugh at again and again i'm sure!
I'm feeling great- i'm sure the first 16 weeks of pregnancy prepared me for this trip as i've not felt better and the tiredness is just normal now-infact i haven't noticed any extra tiredness and i just catch the odd 10 minute nap once or twice a day and i'm good to go!
Anyway, enough of my rambles! Just wanted to let you know i'm having fun!


Anonymous said...

Glad you are having fun back in your old country!Have a wonderful time I'm sure you will love Anneliese xxx