Friday, 30 June 2006

Having a fantastic time!

We are having a wonderful time here in Croxley Green, eating lots of yummy food, sitting in the sun filled garden and visiting the wider family. Paul is out with chezza (his mother!) shopping for the fun filled weekend ahead whilst i relax with Amy.
Yesterday was such a laugh, we went to visit the aunts and uncles; much singing, laughter and more food! We have captured some great moments on the handicam which we will laugh at again and again i'm sure!
I'm feeling great- i'm sure the first 16 weeks of pregnancy prepared me for this trip as i've not felt better and the tiredness is just normal now-infact i haven't noticed any extra tiredness and i just catch the odd 10 minute nap once or twice a day and i'm good to go!
Anyway, enough of my rambles! Just wanted to let you know i'm having fun!

Wednesday, 28 June 2006

In England

Well after a flight to London via Brisbane, Singapore, and Dubai, we arrived safely back to London yesterday afternoon. We've had a great trip so far, including 2 anniversary cakes on the planes - that was amusing.

Today we're off shopping to Watford, to see what has changed in the year that we've been away. We're with my parents until Monday, head to cheltenham till Wednesday, and the hit Bridgwater till the following Tuesday, leaving us one more day in Croxley before heading on the plane again to Auckland.

Sunday, 25 June 2006

Who's the Pimp?

The Luge

On Saturday we went and did the Luge which was a LOT of fun. We caught the Gondola to the top of a reasonable sized hill, and then hutled ourelves down on what can be best described as tras with wheels and handle bars!! If you come to New Zealand, you absolutely MUST try this!

Weekend In Rotorua

We had a really fantastic time in Rotorua for the Life Course. One of the many highlights was driving through a small town called Tairua (i think). It was a very random town with lots of oversized items such as this information centre dressed as a dog! As the day ended on Friday we cought an awesome sunset....

Thursday, 22 June 2006

Life Course here we come...

Well, we're off on the Life Course weekend away today in Rotorua; there is about 75 of us and we're staying in a nice looking backpacker hostel with its own thermal hot pools.

Rotorua is one the key tourist spots in the North Island, and we've not been yet so it will be great to see it.

We arrive back in Auckland on Sunday afternoon, and will be leaving on Monday afternoon to fly back to England, arriving Tuesday afternoon UK time. Very exciting indeed!

Wednesday, 21 June 2006


Well, Mum and Dad have been nagging me for 1 whole year to hire some gowns and get a photo taken of my 'graduation' so i can go on 'the wall of fame' back in Bridgwater, and finally i've done it! The pressure went up as i became pregnant as they didn't want me fat in the photo! As we leave for England in 3 days i thought i'd be a great daughter and go back with photo in hand however time is short and that might not happen, but at least i've got it done now even if the colours/gown isn't exactly the same as what it should have been!

Tuesday, 20 June 2006

Another Miracle...

It's a miracle that Laura's brother Ed has also finally finished university. He was studying at the University of Gloucestershire and is still waiting for his grades - he is trying to get a job as a media consultant whatever that is! judging by the pictures, he had a pretty tough time, slogging his guts out!

It's a miracle!

A friend of ours at St Paul's who is due to give birth in October was admitted to hospital earlier in the week with preeclampsia; The prognosis was not looking good, and the doctors were hoping they would be able to keep the baby alive for 2 weeks - overnight, the blood flow has completely normalised to the little baby, and they have been released from hospital this morning and given the all clear. This really is a miracle, praise God!

Us at the ball...

We Believe

Well here we are again; England vs Sweden looks set to be a great match and i've been up since 4am in excitement! Firstly i'm very happy that Germany won their group, leaving us to play Ecuador should we draw or win our game this morning.

We have the staff team coming over to watch the game with us; With a large portion of us being Poms, it made sense! So far i'm the only one who's been getting up for the games - slightly dissapointing!

Comon England....

Well Done Amy

Well the youngest of the Kingsley-Smith Clan has just graduated; with a 2:1 from Bristol University. She's been studying so hard, so she really deserves to do well - i'm sure she takes after me! So no more pulling your hair out little sis!!

Well done Amy!

Rob, Dilys and Ethan...

We've got Rob, Dilys and Ethan Jones here from Core Church in Dublin; Rob is on placemement here as he is training to become a vicar in the Anglican church - fool!!!

They are a lot of fun to have around - i'm spending to the day with Rob tomorrow to teach him everything i know about worship - i've warned him that a day won't be enough, and that he should expect to be inspired for at least 5 sermons!

Increased Function

I saw a blog recently with BBC headlines on it, and i thought i would do the same, to enhance your viewing pleasure of this blog. I have BBC News set as my homepage, and look it it every single day, so I hope that the headline box will do some justice; A sport box is on the way soon.

Monday, 19 June 2006

Photos of the ball

Sunday, 18 June 2006

St Paul's Midwinter Ball

On Saturday night we had the , and it was a great evening. We had music from a fun band called Late 80's Mercedes. The above photo is of our vicar Mike, with me of course, pulling a funny face for the fun of it!

Our weekend was generally a good one - it all started with the football and croissants and ended up with some great services at church yesterday - we seem to be bursting at the evening service at the moment which is exciting, although poses big problems for us, as we can't really fit people in... mmm.

Well, we leave for England in 7 days - we're excited about coming home and resting for a couple of weeks; of course we are very excited about eating some english sausages and Maltesers! Of course not together!

Thursday, 15 June 2006

Very Impressive...

Mrs Goggins

So far, we've been given 2 pairs of baby socks, and one baby hat... and lots of massage things for Laura! We have nothing of course to model any of these items, but the hat fits perfectly on my teddy bear 'Mrs Goggins'. We think she looks very cute with her hat on, and recognise that we must try and give her as much attention as we can during this difficult time of transition for her - she'll have to share her affection with a little baby, but we trust they'll grow to love each other in the future!

Birthday Breakfast

This morning we had a fantastic belated birthday breakfast together; We weren't able to have one on Tuesday morning because I had to get to our early morning prayer meeting, and really didn't want to miss out. We got some amazing croissants and jam from Sabato, which is the most incredible deli here in Auckland.

Well Done

Well, after a reasonably soppy game we finished with 2 great goals from Liverpool team mates Peter Crouch and Steven Gerrard. This game was definately worthy of an early morning rise - we're back to bed though now :-)
Night Night...

Comon England

Well it's 3:50am and i'm up again to follow England in the world cup. Fortunately i don't have work on tomorrow. Friday is my day off - i think we're set for a good game. Fingers crossed! Comon England!

Tuesday, 13 June 2006

Birthday Presents!

Yesterday was a fantastic birthday and i feel very sad its over! Paul, as always, went crazy and bought me so many presents, the best being a very nice digital camera. I was speechless when i opened it- its obvious to everyone his main love language is gift giving!

So, I have now had lessons in all the different settings on the camera and how to put images onto the blog so this is an experiment to see if it works!

Monday, 12 June 2006

Goodbye Andy and Catherine

We've just got back from the airport, dropping off our friends Andy and Catherine who have been staying with us. The lucky things are off to the Cook Islands now, continuing their world 'honeymoon' tour! This morning they went and had their hair cut and here is a picture of what they look like now!

Happy Birthday Laura

Well today is Laura's 26th Birthday... so a big happy birthday to the most gorgeous girl in the world.

She'll be joining the staff for a birthday lunch, and then we'll be having an action packed day full of fun and laughter....

Saturday, 10 June 2006

World Cup & Worship

Well the world cup is finally upon us, and honestly it couldn't have come at a worse time. I'm sat in my dressing gown preparing myself for the 1am kick off! So, it'll be very very late to bed for me tonight. Fortunately we have got Sky Sports for the month so we can actually see it.

At 9am tomorrow morning I have to give an hour long session on the theology of worship at the St Paul's school of theology. I'll be finished there at 10;30 and will be leading worship at 10:45! I am going to be soooooo exhausted tomorrow! I'll look forward to watching the knock out stages at the time they were intended!

We are all fine, we had a bit of a scare this morning with the pregnancy but all is fine.... Laura is on bed rest for a week though, so i'll be tending to her every need. We'll post again very soon.


Thursday, 8 June 2006

9th June

Last year we didn't get a 9th June due to our strange travel itinery - we literally missed a day! So this is our 1st 9th June in 2 years! Strange concept, but fun.

We've got another couple of people coming through the apartment this evening so do have a pray about us finding someone to relieve us of our contract. We'll be in touch again soon.

Tuesday, 6 June 2006

Great Weekend

This past weekend was a long one as we had the Queen's birthday off on Monday. As Paul mentioned, I thought I was over the worst of my morning sickness on Sunday as i woke up feeling 'normal' for the first time in months. Sadly then came Monday! I think this was the worst day i have had yet although it didn't stop us having lot of fun with our friends Dizz and James. These guys blessed us massively by driving all the way to our house on Monday morning to fix our flat car battery which took some time - eventually James bought us a new one - thanks sooooo much James! - then they cooked us a yummy breakfast (nice going down- not so nice coming back up!) and then we went to the beach.

It was such a beautiful day, and we went walking on the huge sand dunes- taking the body boards with us so that we could sand surf. This was a new experience for us and although slightly scary (they were very steep dunes!) we had such a giggle. Paul managed to fall off his board which was very amusing at the time but i haven't stoped hearing about his aches and pains since!

We walked through a large stream back to the car and the guys played in the water for hours - it took my back to my childhood watching them attempt to create surges in the water! We left later with 2 very wet men, very happy with themselves!

Our evening was spent with some other friends Rich & Ange, eating pizza and having a giggle about nothing - these are the best kind of evenings in my opinion and a great finish to a great weekend.

Apartment Update 1

Well the lovely Brazillians didn't get back in touch with us which was such a shame. We were really confident that they would take the apartment - they absolutley loved it. So, we're still waiting for others to come and have a look whilst being very aware that it is quite a bit above the market rate.

We'd really appreciate your continued prayers; Laura is now down to 2 days work a week, which leaves us very little money to save for the baby. We really really need someone to take the apartment off us soon.

Laura has been showing some signs of getting rid of the morning sickness, but whenever she thinks she's cracked it, it hits her again big style! Hopefully she'll be feeling well by the time we get to England (3 Weeks).

We'll write again soon. Lots of love to you all....

Sunday, 4 June 2006

Apartment Update...

Well, we had one lovely Brazillian couple have a look around the apartment yesterday, and they seemed very enthusiastic. We are expecting a phone call from them this afternoon. We also just had a phone call twenty minutes ago, and they are popping in in 10 minutes, so we're hoping we'll get this cleared soon. Keep on praying!

Yesterday was a typically busy day for us; I was leading worship morning and evening, and Laura was helping at the creche in he morning - obviously just trying to get in as much practice as she can! Rich & Kath are now back from England which is great - Rich spoke yesterday morning and was very good.

I've also started a new blog - more of a chance for me to share some of my thoughts and ideas about God. I've not posted yet, but i'll get to it very soon.

Saturday, 3 June 2006

Happy days!

Well, I've woken up this morning in the happiest of moods-its feels a bit crazy (much like the song i'm listening to right now-'Crazy' by Gnarls Barkley- i love it!). I think it might have something to do with a dream i had-i woke both myself and Paul up by laughing!

Well, as you can imagine, we are encountering alot of baby talk at the moment, mainly consisting of 'what do you think it will be- boy or girl?" I love this kind of talk as it gets me all excited! However it seems to make Paul very frustrated as he says nobody can 'sense' or know what the baby's sex is- i find this very funny as it must be a girlie thing because i've always done it with pregnant people. We aren't planning to find out the sex of the baby which is more uncommon here so i'm not sure that encourages this kind of conversation.

Anyway, we are having a lady look around the apartment this afternoon so please pray for us and we will keep you posted. Thanks!

Thursday, 1 June 2006

Apartment for rent...

Well, our landlords have told us we can move out if we can to find new tenants, so the flat is advertised on Trade Me, and at church. We'd really appreciate your prayers that we would find someone to move in - the sooner the better really.

We're contracted till September, so the sooner we get out, the sooner we can live somewhere cheaper. If you want to see the advert, and have a look at where we've been living for the last year click here.

Template Problems...

Our template seems to have gone up the creek - if it isn't back to normal within a couple of days, we'll just have to re do it - sorry for the blandness!!!