Monday, 9 February 2009

CPAP is finally off!

Well, it's taken a few more days than expected but I (Laura) went into the hospital yesterday morning to find Phoebe is finally off the CPAP! This is such a huge milestone for her and we can finally see our beautiful girl. On the downside her gorgeous strawberry blonde hair has been shaved in two different places as they needed to give her an IV as she has an infection and is back on antibiotics. They tried to get the IV into her scalp but failed twice and ended up putting it into her hand. They are not sure what the infection is but she has had loose stalls for a few days now so they wondering if the two problems are related.

I managed to be in for the doctors rounds this morning and they are happy with her progress and are restarting her feeds and finishing her antibiotics tonight which is great news. Phoebe has also moved rooms and is now in the intermediate nursery which is good progress; The room is far quieter which is great and there is far less of the bingbonging!

Paul is fully into work now and is sinking his teeth into his job there. We're hopeful that we've found a house (we're waiting on references) which is about 500 yards away from the church so Paul will be able to walk with no excuse or need for the car! It's also right by the city park, so location is ideal! Please pray that we'd get this house and that our shipping would come by the 28th as planned! As usual here are some photos...

Phoebe's strawberry blonde hair (and very dry back!)

Phoebe without the CPAP 


Chezza said...

What a little treasure!! What a relief for her to have that head gear off! So thrilled to get some news this morning - thanks both!
Thinking of you just so much and hoping that the infection can be brought under control asap.
Love you all so much

Emma Andrews said...

Guys she is totally gorgeous and what beautiful hair! So cute! Still thinking of you guys and praying for you daily! Big hugs,